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About Our Products

Image Metaphor Cards™ Quick Start GuidesAbout Our  Products – The Image Metaphor Cards™

At the People Skills Group, our objective is to make Jungian Psychological Type – the theory behind the Myers-Briggs® Assessment – accessible and memorable for practitioners and clients to access the power of Type. Our Image Metaphor products are training tools and educational aides so MBTI® practitioners can quickly and efficiently explain and incorporate Myers’ Type Dynamic hierarchy of Functions and Jung’s Dominant Functions into coaching and training engagements.

Through years of delivering Myers-Briggs workshops, we found Type Dynamics too difficult to explain, leaving workshop participants confused. Yet, delivering Type as 4 dichotomies and stand-alone preferences often left our clients feeling like Type was static and too simplistic to be useful. Our Dominant Function products fill the gap between Type being too simplistic and Type being too complex. With our cards and associated products, practitioners can quickly and efficiently explain the dynamic system that lies underneath the 4-letters of the Type Code, within an Introductory Feedback Session.

Now, by providing each individual client with a set of our Image Cards, complex concepts come to life. The products are simple for clients to understand, and MBTI practitioners can incorporate the cards into their their existing MBTI programs for added client benefit. (Click here to see what MBTI® Practitioners and clients are saying about our card system.)

Here are just a few of the benefits your clients will gain from you using our products in your workshops and individual coaching sessions:

  • Knowledge that Type is more than the sum of its parts
  • Seeing that they use all the Functions of Type, not just the letters in their 4-Letter Code
  • Familiarity with how they use the Functions of Type
  • Knowledge of their key energy source and psychological process and focus
  • Recognizing the gifts and blind spots that come from the Dominant Function
  • Realizing when it would be more appropriate to engage a non-preferred Function
  • Clarification and enhanced understanding of what their Type means

Here is how we designed the products to help people quickly and efficiently grasp these more complex, yet essential, Type concepts:

  • Images  with a corresponding metaphor for each Type that help people to pinpoint the essence of each Dominant function without lengthy explanations
  • The corresponding metaphor portrays the fluidity of movement and action related to each Function as it operates in the mind – keeping Type from becoming a static model
  • The “Central Question” for each of the Functions highlights the main aim of the Function
  • The Effective (gifts) and Ineffective (blindspots) uses section on the back of each card helps people to start to apply Type immediately
  • The cards are written in “parallel construction” so that you can see how your Effective use can easily cross the line into Ineffective use.
  • The Major Work Contribution points out the key strength of the psychological function on a team and in the workplace