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Advanced Training for MBTI® Practitioners

Train the Trainer

Are you a newly certified practitioner looking for how to implement what you learned in your certification training? Perhaps you were certified years ago and haven’t used the MBTI® assessment in a while?  Maybe you are looking for a refresher course, or some help with putting type to work in your organization?

As MBTI Master Practitioners, we have spent years teaching MBTI certification courses and know first hand the challenges of putting together programs that make an impact. We can help you deliver Type programs that move your audience beyond the 4-letter code to tap the depth and richness that Jungian psychological type has to offer; but in a way that is not too complex!  And, we can teach you how to use psychological type in conjunction with other tools and assessments.

To help you do this, we created our How To Series for Type Practitioners; training programs which guide practitioners on  “How To” introduce the dynamic nature of Type and Jung’s Eight Function-Attitudes into both introductory and advanced application training. The cornerstone of our series is our innovative Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™  line of products, designed for helping clients to quickly and efficiently identify and start working with their Dominant function. Using the Image Metaphor Cards™, you can help your clients apply Myers’ Type Hierarchy and Jung’s theory of typology from the initial Introductory session and beyond.

We deliver our How To Series for Type Practitioners in three different ways:

  1. Partner with you as the Certified Practitioner in your organization
  2. On-site training for the MBTI® Certified practitioners in your Learning organization
  3. Public training programs for Type Practitioners  in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas

Here are some of the programs we provide. Contact us for a consultation on the programs that may be a fit for Certified Practitioners in your training department (Note: many of our courses will provide you with Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) towards your Master Practitioner status.)

The People Skills Group How To Series for Type Practitioners – How To:

  • Introduce Type to a Group or Team as a Dynamic Energy System

  • Tap the Magic of Jung’s Theory in Working with Teams

  • Leverage the Dynamic Nature of Type to Help Leaders Create Balance

  • Use Type Dynamics and Development to Coach Teams

  • Use Type Dynamics and Development to Coach  Leaders

  • Use Type as the Corner Stone for Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of  a Team

  • Introduce and  Apply the MBTI® Step II™ as a Dynamic Energy System


Past Workshops

You can contact Dario Nardi to find a current workshop near you.

Neuroscience of Personality
3-day Certification Course with Dario Nardi, PhD
Date: February 19-21, 2015 (snow date: March 5-7, 2015)
Location: Offices of American Baptist Churches, 588 N Gulph Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406
Time: 9AM-5PM; includes lunch and breaks
Cost: $1185 with discount if you are an APTi or DVAPT member, or attend 1st day only for $199 ($179 if you belong to APTi or DVAPT).

Neuroscience of PersonalityImagine peering into the minds of your clients to learn what makes them tick. Now you can! Come and add brains to your professional toolkit! Leverage the scientific link to personality type. This 3-day program is based on 7 years of deep, hands-on neuroscience research with all people of all types. You will learn brain-savvy coaching tips, get a free brain imaging session, and practice using new, colorful brain-based facilitation tools. Tout type’s science to skeptical clients! Based on the ground-breaking book, Neuroscience of Personality and upcoming Our Brains in Color. Includes a free brain report, books, and materials for certification.

What you get:

  • Brain essentials
  • Scientific basis of personality
  • Coaching tips & activities
  • For individuals & teams
  • How to assess & build cognitive skills
  • Emotional dynamics
  • Life-time development and careers
  • Executive styles
  • Personal brain imaging session ($200 value)
  • Free access for you & your clients to the online NeuroPQ cognitive skills assessment
  • $175 worth of HR books and materials

Click here to download the workshop flyer.