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Upcoming Events

Come Join Us for the First Meeting of our new Meetup group for MBTI Practitioners, Coaches and Type Enthusiasts!

We are starting off the year right. Are you tired of working alone? Maybe you need to infuse new energy into your Type programs. Or perhaps you are looking for a venue to talk with like-minded people that love Type. Perhaps you are wanting to know more about Type, or are looking to bring it into your organization. This group is for you!

This group is for professional MBTI trainers, coaches and Type enthusiasts to exchange best practices and stories about how psychological type has helped you and/or your clients. A place for lively discussions about keeping the MBTI and psychological type alive. Promote and talk about your Type based businesses and learn about how Type is valuable in the workplace. Find people to collaborate with. Share ideas about meeting venues and possible topics for discussions. Let’s breathe life into the world of Type!

Date of our first meeting: Thursday Evening, January 25, 2018

Place: King of Prussia Corner Bakery (near the mall – attached to Maggiano’s)

Time: 6PM-8PM

Join and RSVP here

Hope to see you there!



Visit us at the our Booth on May 4, 2016 at the ATD-PHL Learning and Development Conference

Click here to learn more about the conference

Come talk to us about:

  • Our new products for helping people understand their Personality Type quickly and efficiently
  • A different approach to understanding the Myers Briggs and PersonalityType that takes people “out of the box”
  • How we help individuals, teams and leaders identify and harness their potential
  • A unique Leadership Development model called Intentional Leadership that incorporates polarity thinking, Emotional intelligence and the foundation of Psychological Type
  • Implementing an e-learning platform to enhance application of Personality Type concepts and real-time learning


Cindy Paris to Present Workshop at the Association of Psychological Type, NY City Chapter:Using Image Metaphors to Introduce Type Dynamics

This session will address the dilemma that so often confounds practitioners – that is, how to introduce people who are new to Type to the deeper underpinnings of Jungian theory, but in a way that is both easy to deliver for the practitioner and simple for clients to understand. Portraying the deeper layers of Type (Type Dynamics and the Dominant Function) is often difficult for practitioners to explain and even harder for participants to understand,  yet it is where Type comes alive and quite often provides the most benefit.

The People Skills Group has created Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™ that can be used in an Introductory Type feedback session to help participants identify and understand their Dominant function, and their potential strengths and blind spots, without having to introduce complicated nomenclature and concepts.

In this full day session, Cindy will teach people how to use the Image Metaphor suite of products to assist their clients with:

  • Finding their Dominant Function as the central core of their personality
  • Selecting  and confirming their “Best-Fit” Type
  • Discovering more about their Dominant and Auxiliary Functions
  • Seeing how clients might maintain balance between their Dominant and Auxiliary
  • Using the cards to foster Team and Leadership Development

Program Audience: Type Practitioners and coaches using the MBTI® and other Type Instruments or Psychological Type theory with teams, leaders and individuals in professional development or career coaching

Location and Logistics:

April 30, 2016 from 11:30 – 5:00 at: The Boardroom,Club Quarters Midtown, 40 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

Register now! 

Before April 20th: Chapter or Affiliate Member $55* ; Guest $ 75*

After April 20th : Chapter or Affiliate Member $75* ; Guest $ 95*


ILA Leadership Certification Training for Coaches and Practitioners

This program has been postponed; for further information, contact us

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Click here to Download Flyer

The ILA, Intentional Leadership Audit, is an innovative model and framework developed by Type and Leadership expert  Dr. Jane Kise which integrates Psychological Type and Emotional Intelligence with Polarity Thinking and 12 researched based Lenses of Leadership.

Day 1 – Psychological Type Deep Dive, By Cindy Paris, Master MBTI and ILA Practitioner

(Type Deep Dive is recommended as a pre-requisite to the two-day certification course but is not mandatory and can  be selected interdependent of the 2 day ILA Certification Course)

Take a Deep Dive into Type and Learn to introduce and facilitate Type from a deeper perspective by integrating concepts from Jung’s model of Psychological Types into your Introductory Feedback sessions with individuals and teams. This workshop is designed to help you brush up on the basics of introducing Type, and to help you introduce complex Jungian concepts in a simple, yet nuanced way, using The People Skills Group’s Eight Function Image Metaphor Suite of Products™.  In this workshop you will:

  • Understand the foundation of Type as a system of energy and balance
  • See and convey the importance of balancing between opposite dichotomies and functions
  • Enrich your Introductory Feedback Session to tap the richness of Jung’s theory for better results

Day 2 – The ILA Certification Course, By
Dr. Jane Kise and Ann Holm, M.S.

Become Certified to use the ILA, a cutting-edge, research based framework for leadership development. The model is rooted in polarity theory, therefore bridging the gap between leadership development theories that stress developing strengths and those that focus on bolstering blind spots.  This ICF approved Certification Program is designed to help you, the expert, facilitate a process that assists leaders and managers create balance in managing both strengths and blind-spots according to the context of leadership challenges and within the context of the whole person.  In this certification course you will:

  • Learn to leverage the The “priority focus” process leaders can use again and again to choose the right priorities given who they are, who they are leading, their current realities, and where they need to go
  • Practice applying the “12 Lenses of Leadership”  polarity framework in coaching
  • Learn to guide individuals to implement practical and actionable Leadership Development Plans that actually stick and make a difference

This Course is For:

MBTI certified practitioners and coaches who are looking to deepen their knowledge of Type and coaches who are type knowledgeable and/or contemplating MBTI certification, and want to learn how to use Type within the ILA framework.

This course is for you if you:

  • Use Type and/or EQi with Teams and in Leadership Development work
  • Are looking to improve your or add to your Leadership Development programs for emerging leaders
  • Want to help leaders and independent contributors to create and benefit from development planning that actually makes a difference
  • Are looking to capitalize on the strengths of your leaders, managers and team contributors
  • Have a vested interest in helping people to grow and develop in a way that matches their natural strenghts

Location and Logistics:

The 3-day course will be held in the suburbs of Philadelphia at the Iron Mountain Corporate campus – 1101 Enterprise Drive, Royersford, PA. We will begin at 8:30 each day and end at 4:00, except for the first day, which will begin at 8:00 with a half-hour for networking.  Lunch, beverages and light snacks will be provided each day.  Directions and nearby hotel information will be provided to you when you register for the course.

Cost and Registration:
Look for pricing and Early Bird Registration by the end of January, 2016

Cindy Paris to Speak at DVAPT (Delaware Valley Association of Psychological Type)

Workshop Title: Using Images To Tap the Depth of Type

Date: Saturday, September 19, 2015

Program Description:

If you are a Type Practitioner perhaps you have struggled with how to introduce Type Dynamics and the Dominant Function in an Introductory session? Maybe you see the importance of taking Type to a deeper level, but each time you have tried to explain the hierarchy of Functions and importance of the Dominant, you get that glazed over look from participants? Or maybe you would like to learn more about the depth of Type so that you can add this information to your introductory sessions.

We have created a solution to these problems – our Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™. The Image cards, and companion products, can be used at the end of an Introductory Type feedback session to help participant identify and understand their Dominant function, and their potential strengths and blind spots, without having to introduce complicated nomenclature and concepts. The visual impact of the Images, together with the text of the cards, helps participants to quickly see the importance of Type Dynamics without lengthy explanations.

Join us at this two-hour event to gain an understanding of how to use the Card sets, together with the guides and training room posters, to present the depth of type in a fun and easily accessible way; and be prepared for freebies and discounted products just for attending!

Program Audience: Type Practitioners and coaches using the MBTI® and other Type Instruments or Psychological Type theory with teams, leaders and individuals in professional development or career coaching.

Networking (Coffee & Light Snacks) from 9:30 – 10:00 AM
Presentation begins promptly at 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Option to join other members for lunch at Whole Foods afterwards

American Executive Centers
600 Germantown Pike, Suite  400
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

This event is free for DVAPT members and $25 for non-members.  For more information: cindy@thepeopleskillsgroup.com

To Register, simply send a note that you will be attending to: programs@DVAPT.org

 Join The People Skills Group at the 2015 APTi International Conference!

We are proud to be a Bronze Sponsor for the 2015 APTi conference July 22nd through the 26th in Miami Florida. Come visit us at our Exhibit Booth and check out our new tools for MBTI Practitioners, which include the Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™ and companion products – tools that help practitioners to quickly and easily help clients grasp the complexity of Jungian Typology through images. Enter our drawing for free set to start using with your clients at your next coaching session or MBTI workshop!


Neuroscience of Personality
3-day Certification Course with Dario Nardi, PhD
Date: February 19-21, 2015 (snow date: March 5-7, 2015)
Location: Offices of American Baptist Churches, 588 N Gulph Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406
Time: 9AM-5PM; includes lunch and breaks
Cost: $1185 with discount if you are an APTi or DVAPT member, or attend 1st day only for $199 ($179 if you belong to APTi or DVAPT).

Neuroscience of PersonalityImagine peering into the minds of your clients to learn what makes them tick. Now you can! Come and add brains to your professional toolkit! Leverage the scientific link to personality type. This 3-day program is based on 7 years of deep, hands-on neuroscience research with all people of all types. You will learn brain-savvy coaching tips, get a free brain imaging session, and practice using new, colorful brain-based facilitation tools. Tout type’s science to skeptical clients! Based on the ground-breaking book, Neuroscience of Personality and upcoming Our Brains in Color. Includes a free brain report, books, and materials for certification.

What you get:

  • Brain essentials
  • Scientific basis of personality
  • Coaching tips & activities
  • For individuals & teams
  • How to assess & build cognitive skills
  • Emotional dynamics
  • Life-time development and careers
  • Executive styles
  • Personal brain imaging session ($200 value)
  • Free access for you & your clients to the online NeuroPQ cognitive skills assessment
  • $175 worth of HR books and materials

Click here to download the flyer.