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Are different communication and work styles getting in the way of productive and effective teamwork in your organization?

If so, The People Skills Group can help.

Most of our clients come to us for help in understanding and navigating personality differences that are getting in the way of teamwork. Our years of experience working with organizational teams has revealed an important pattern. The fundamental block to high performance is a lack of understanding of what makes people tick.

We help individuals, teams and leaders understand their own, and other’s styles through assessments like the MBTI and Emotional Intelligence—facilitating the development of people skills necessary for people to work better together – with less pain and more effective results.

Take the Myers Briggs and/or an Emotional Intelligence Assessment to get expert feedback and increase personal self-awareness

Capitalize on your leadership strengths and overcome blind spots to create an organizational climate of Psychological Safety

Pinpoint team gaps, build interpersonal trust and implement solutions for more efficient and collaborative teamwork

Apply the dynamic power of the MBTI® Assessment and Psychological Type to appreciate diverse perspectives and leverage differences

Advance your skills to deliver Type workshops that simplify complex concepts while retaining depth for organizational impact

In 2000, Cindy Paris founded her people development consultancy, The People Skills Group, with the focus of helping people work better together. Her expertise lies in her ability to help people identify and bridge the gaps that arise from personality and style differences. Cindy works from the principle that team dynamics heal and change from the inside-out. She facilitates change through increasing self and other-awareness, using proven and researched models, tools and time-tested approaches.

Cindy is a Master Facilitator, Consultant and Professional Coach, nationally recognized as a thought leader in the world of the Myers-Briggs Assessment and Psychological Type. As an MBTI® Master Practitioner, Cindy provides MBTI training in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and virtual training nationwide. She is an expert in the application of the MBTI to enhance individual, team and leadership development and performance.

In addition to the MBTI Assessment, Cindy is credentialed in a myriad of team and leadership assessments and models including the leading Emotional Intelligence Testing  tool, the EQ-I 2.0,  Conversational Intelligence™  and the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™  which are based in social neuroscience.

myers briggs Philadelphia

Cynthia S. Paris
Founder and President

We begin most of our engagements with helping people to understand their Psychological Type through the MBTI Assessment. But we know that a single assessment or instrument is only one data point. That’s why The People Skills Group uses a myriad of tools, models and team assessments to provide you with a holistic and dynamic picture of you, your employees, your leaders, and how you can best work together.

  • The EQ-I 2.0® Emotional Intelligence Inventory
    (assesses your EQ on 5 different EQ Composites including  3 subscales or components in each Composite)
  • Conversational Intelligence®
    (a set of tools based in social neuroscience that facilitate collaborative workplace communication)
  • Essential Motivators
    (a 4-quadrant model based on temperament theory that outlines 4 holistic patterns with distinctive core psychological values and needs)
  • Interaction Styles
    (a more refined and modern approach to personality than the DiSC®, focusing on interpersonal energies and behavioral and communication styles)

A Testimonial from Katharine D. Myers, Director Emeritus of the Myers and Briggs Foundation

“Cindy Stengel Paris is one of a select few MBTI® practitioners of her generation that has sound knowledge and a deep understanding of what the MBTI® is all about. She is an excellent trainer and facilitator, and as such, has the ability to transfer her knowledge to others so it is helpful to them. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Cindy is creative and professional, even perfectionist, with her presentations, workbooks and material that she gives her clients. She has the ability to translate complex concepts into simple language and make the material useful; she leads her clients to achieving the results they are looking for.”

Katharine D. Myers, Co-Guardian of the MBTI
February 17, 2009

“It was a real privilege to be able to work with Cindy who put an outstanding MBTI program together for myself and my leadership team. Cindy is great at explaining what personality type is and how to apply it in the work environment. I found her to be extremely patient and very honest in the conversations she had with me and my team. Many of the members of my team were skeptical when we started working with Cindy, but the MBTI language soon became part of the fabric of our team culture. Cindy’s ability to appreciate the diversity of my team and to listen carefully for what each of the members required, made all the difference in the world. Through Cindy’s efforts, we transformed my staff into a team who appreciated and valued the diversity of personality types we had around the table. What a difference! I will be forever indebted to Cindy for the excellent job she did with my team and hope we can soon work together again.”

Michael Lark, PhD

“I had taken the Myers-Briggs several times before but never appreciated the value of the exercise until I participated in Cindy’s program. She is artfully able to translate your results into tools that you can use in the workplace. I now look at my colleagues with greater understanding. Cindy’s presentation style and materials are clear and easy to understand. I would recommend her and her program without hesitation. It was extremely valuable.”

Linda Cripe, M.D.
The Ohio State University
Professor of Pediatrics

“From the beginning, Cindy Paris from The People Skills Group, was committed to more than a box standard Myers-Briggs training for our professional service firm. She consistently brings positive energy into the room when working with our colleagues. Not only did she work hard to lay the foundation in MBTI theory, she then moved on to practical ways our multifunctional teams could apply concepts in practice. Her customized workshops provide insights to the various work styles at play in our particular organization. We are currently looking forward to Cindy’s facilitation of a Leadership workshop, in which we intend to invest in our in-house talent and equip them to be mindful leaders for their internal and external teams.”

Jacqueline Briggs
Director, HR & Administration
MedErgy Health Care, Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Cindy with multiple groups and in different capacities (facilitator, coach, MBTI resource). She is a true partner and a phenomenal facilitator. She reads the room expertly and, using a blend of humility, humor and deep technical knowledge, creates a customized and highly engaging workshop. Her ‘between workshop’ guidance and interaction is concise and practical. She provides really useful tools, which make it easy to keep new learning front of mind. It is such a pleasure to work with her; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the People Skills Group and will certainly consider Cindy for future development programs.”

Sarah Foster, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

“Cindy helped facilitate a senior management retreat for us, and I could not have been more pleased with the results. She took a new management team and helped with the critical ‘on-boarding’ process that is so fundamental for long-term success. Beginning with an intensive two-day retreat, Cindy helped us learn more about ourselves and how to work better with each other through her expert knowledge of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tools. Not only is Cindy extremely knowledgeable about the material and skilled at facilitating a group, she is a delight to interact with. I highly recommend her services for any organization trying to improve their staff’s effectiveness. Her training and the skills learned are tools that we can now use internally with each other, it has given us a better understanding of communicating in general that we use with our external clients and even in our personal lives.”

Frank Donaghue
Physicians for Human Rights

“Cindy has fundamentally changed the way I relate to others in my personal and professional life. She puts wheels on Myers-Briggs by putting everyone at ease and leading them through interesting and challenging individual and group exercises. Our employees saw immediate benefits and positive change which made us a more productive team. I would recommend hiring Cindy’s group if you want your team to become more efficient and work better together.”

Kevin Wilson
Atria Senior Retirement Community

“Cindy Stengel of the People Skills Group is very well respected and recognized for her expertise in the areas of leadership development and team building. The coaching that Cindy has provided in these areas has been invaluable and has greatly assisted my clients in managing change in an unpredictable market climate. I and a number of my associates have taken multiple MBTI® training courses from Cindy. We are always impressed by her wealth of knowledge and masterful/skillful delivery. Her enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism make her a vendor of choice.”

Kristin “KC” Haines-Madeira
Merck Research Laboratories

“I met Cindy through the Delaware Valley Association for Psychological Type (DVAPT) when she was President. Her leadership in the organization and enthusiasm for the MBTI® instrument and its ethical use were apparent. I later qualified for the MBTI with Cindy and Type Resources; she expertly facilitated a diverse group of trainees of various types and from different backgrounds. She has a wide repertoire of tools and skills and found a way to target our different types with a satisfying training. Each of us walked away having successfully completed our qualifying program and well prepared to conduct MBTI assessments and trainings. I have since conducted over a dozen trainings and can say that her mentorship of the instrument has served me well. She continues to be a resource for new tools and tips through her website.”

Deborah Woolf
Glaxo-Smith Kline

“I engaged Cindy to help me become more effective at building customer relationships. Cindy has expert knowledge of the Myers-Briggs type indicator and helped me understand both myself and the personality differences of my clients and prospective clients. Her work with me has resulted in a much more effective, and enjoyable, sales process for me. Cindy is very passionate about what she does and she works well with her clients. I recommend Cindy to anyone who wishes to improve their sales effectiveness.”

Tim Cathers
Four Star Supply Chain Solutions, LLC

“The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. engaged Cindy Paris as a presenter for its 2016 Women and Leadership Forum for a large regional audience. Cindy opened the program with a strong, very well-received workshop on Women, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Her presentation was interactive, and skill-building, and left the audience with enough practical information to begin their own emotional intelligence development planning. Cindy was exceptionally pleasant to work with throughout the process – professional, responsive and collaborative at every turn and she made a meaningful contribution to the Forum.”

Jodi Button McHale
Vice President of Community Impact and Development
The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc.

“Cindy Paris of the People Skills Group facilitated team development programs for our Construction and Development groups that work together in one small office. As the leader of that team I can say that prior to the training, the groups from the two departments were at odds with each other and worked as separate entities. The team training provided us with insights into how we can work together as one team with common goals. Cindy provided us with the knowledge and tools for helping us to understand ourselves better, our teammates better and provided a structure for us to follow in our continued efforts to build a strong team. Personally, her follow-up through individual coaching has enabled me to develop my leadership skills in order to mentor the team efforts going forward.”

James Richards
Erickson Construction, LLC

“It gives me a great pleasure to write about Cindy Stengel Paris.  I have more than twenty years’ experience in organizational development, leadership development and the training of adult learners.  It was my good fortune to have had Cindy as my instructor for the MBTI Certification program recently.  The class was successful due to Cindy’s skill in rapport building, creating a safe learning environment for participants to grasp complex concepts, and her ability to provide one-on-one attention to each person.  Cindy displays an uncanny proficiency in translating the depth of her knowledge and consulting experiences in a way that complements the course material.

Cindy is open-minded, intelligent, warm and works very hard for her students.  Classes are structured in a way that meets all the requirements for adult learners…and Cindy makes it fun.  I recommend Cindy with no reservations.”

Anne C. Holden, Manager Learning & Development North America
Johnson Matthey, Inc.

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