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People Types & Tiger Stripes“Jung’s theory of psychological types is about patterns of conscious mental activity; at the most basic level, it is about perception and judgment.”

MBTI Manual“Together, the functions and orientations influence how a person perceives a situation and decides on a course of action. All of these choices are like forks in the road of human development, offering different paths that lead toward different kinds of excellence.”

Intro to Type Dynamics“Each of the 16 Types is a dynamic system between the flow of psychic energy from mental process to mental process and from our conscious to our unconscious mind. In essence, Type is personality in motion; …moving in and out of the mental processes that are required and appropriate for the situation.”

In the Grip“The amount and direction of the flow of psychological energy lies at the heart of the typological understanding of personality.”

In the Grip“The dynamic character of each personality type depends on how energy is typically used by a person of that type.”

Intro to Type and the Jungian Functions“Personality type is a system with constant energy flow and constant interaction between the mental functions. It is not stagnant or rigid. It moves; it is dynamic.”

Personality Types“Jung’s model is concerned with the movement of psychic energy and the way in which one habitually or preferentially orients oneself to the world.”

Isabel Briggs Myers“Jung’s theory and the 16 MBTI types do not define static boxes: Instead they describe dynamic energy systems with interacting processes.”

The Art of Dialog“If the person with whom you want to communicate has preferences different from yours, that person may stay engaged for a while, [but] over time the person may… feel drained of energy and lose interest…”

Intro to Type Dynamics“…the dynamic nature of the human personality and the developmental model underlying Psychological Type are the elements that keep types from being static boxes into which individuals are fitted.”

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