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Are you a Certified MBTI Practitioner or Coach but haven’t facilitated a Type Workshop in a while and don’t know where to start? It can be hard to put the pieces together.

Maybe you are looking to take your Type programs to a new level and add in-depth application? Or, maybe you want to deepen your Type programs and increase your facilitation skill?

We can provide the support you need.

The People Skills Group provides Practioner Coaching and Train-the-Trainer programs for MBTI Certified Professionals  to guide the teaching of Type so that: (1) it sticks – people remember their Type and what it means, (2) the Jungian foundations of Type are incorporated into all of your programs, and (3) Type can be practically implemented immediately after workshop and coaching sessions for lasting impact.

Our train-the-trainer programs have been developed over 20 years of MBTI training and coaching for thousands of people at all organizational levels across industries. Through our experience, we have identified training gaps in the delivery of the MBTI and Psychological Type. Most people who have taken the MBTI can’t remember their Type or what it means – they have missed the opportunity to apply Type and make it practical at work and in their personal lives. In part, that is due to the fact that the deeper Jungian aspects of Type, including Type Dynamics and Development, are left out of introductory workshops and follow-up applications due to its perceived complexity.

We have developed methodologies and products to simplify and incorporate Jungian theory into every MBTI workshop or coaching session – whether it be an Introductory session or an Advanced Type Application workshop – to help Type stick and become more practical in the workplace.

We can help you deliver Type programs that move an audience beyond Myers’ four-letter Type Code to tap the depth and richness that Jungian Psychological Type has to offer, in a way that yields lasting and sustainable results.

If you are a Type practitioner or coach, we can help you add life, depth and practical application to your already existing MBTI programs. As MBTI Master Practitioners, we have spent years teaching MBTI Certification courses and know first-hand the challenges of putting together training programs that make an impact and help your clients reach their goals.

See what practitioners are saying about our train-the-trainer programs and Type resources.

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