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I work with Type Practitioners who love Psychological Type, understand its positive impact on the world, and aspire to take their Type skills to the next level for more profound and lasting client results.

My clients are Independent Consultants, HR Consulting Groups, and in-house HR teams that use Psychological Type assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® with teams and leaders in the Learning and Development space.

With over two decades of experience teaching MBTI Certification Programs and facilitating Type with leadership teams at all organizational levels and across industries, I understand firsthand the frustrations that make using Type difficult.

External challenges, including the mischaracterization of Type in the popular press and imitation Type tests on the Internet, turn clients off from using Type from the start. And, designing workshops that capture the depth and richness of type can be a struggle, especially with shrinking time frames for training and unrealistic client expectations. Thus, many individuals taking the MBTI or a similar Type Instrument struggle to remember their Type and find it difficult to apply. To address these and other challenges of using a Type instrument in this corporate climate, I have developed practical tools and techniques that empower Type Practitioners to overcome these challenges and make Type more applicable and useful.

I help practitioners move their clients forward by teaching them to incorporate Jungian theory more directly into their programs using subtle language changes and techniques. I have developed Workshops and team interventions that leverage Type’s dynamic and practical nature, opening a door for continuous growth and self-awareness for their clients.

In essence, we help Type Practitioners deliver Type programs that move an audience beyond Myers’ four-letter Type Code to tap the depth and richness that Jungian Psychological Type has to offer, in a way that yields lasting and sustainable results.

See what practitioners are saying about our train-the-trainer programs and Type resources.

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