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The People Skills Group Metaphor Cards SampleThe Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor™ Suite of Products

Our Image Metaphor Suite of Products consists of products that work together, to help you, the Type Practitioner, guide your clients to quickly understand and apply their Dominant and Auxiliary Functions in the workplace. These products are now available in either hard copy or PDF format, for use with both co-located and virtual and global teams.

Our Dominant Function products fill the gap between Type being too simplistic and too complex. Our Image Metaphor products help practitioners incorporate Myers’ Type Dynamics and Jung’s Dominant Functions into Introductory Feedback Sessions, as well as Advanced Application sessions.

Basic Products:

The Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™
As our cornerstone product, the Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™ allow clients to quickly comprehend the Eight Dominant Functions and their associated Gifts (Effective Use) and Blind Spots (Overuse). Each set contains a separate card for the Eight Jungian Functions along with a cover card explaining the Dominant Function.

Image Metaphor Cards™ Quick Guide
As a companion product to the Image Metaphor card set, this Quick Guide helps clients to see all 16 Types and their Dominant and Auxiliary Functions in a side-by-side grid, organized by Dominant Perceiving and Dominant Judging processes.

Image Metaphor Team Type Table™ Handout
Download this Image Metaphor Team Type Table Handout in PDF format for workshop participants to help them map the Dominant Functions on the team.  The completed handout fosters quick discussions about team strengths, gaps and blind spots to help the team leverage strengths and fill in gaps.

Mini-Guides to Integrated Decision Making
Use these mini-guides for integrated problem solving and decision making in conjunction with the Z-Problem Solving model.

The 8 Jungian Function Image Metaphor Mind Map™
Use the Function-Attitude Mind Map as a tool to help your clients become more aware of when and how the Dominant Functions are held in consciousness during any given situation.

Products for On-Site Conferences and Retreats:

Image Metaphor ™ Classroom Table Toppers
To put workshop participants at Dominant- alike tables quickly during Type- alike workshop exercises

Image Metaphor Type Wall Poster™
Use this Type Table for having your clients sign in with their Best-Fit Type, and direct your workshop participants to their Dominant Function and allow them to sign in on the Wall Poster.

Image Metaphor™ Classroom Training Posters
Create and order customized oversized wall posters to engage your teams in exercises that require gallery walks or polarity mapping of the Eight Dominant Functions. These are made to order.

Benefits for Practitioners:

Here are just a few of the benefits your clients will gain when you use our products in your workshops and individual coaching sessions:

  • Verifying Best-Fit Type
  • Selecting their Dominant and Auxiliary Functions
  • Recognizing the Gifts (Effective Use) and Blind Spots (Over Use) of their Dominant Function
  • Seeing that they use all the Functions of Type
  • Realizing when it would be more appropriate to engage a non-preferred Function
  • Quickly identifying team strengths, gaps and blind spots
  • Implementing an inclusive framework for problem solving
  • Mapping a course for developing in their Type
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