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Any sea captain will tell you that if you steer a ship just a few degrees this way or that, you completely alter its trajectory. Over the course of a long journey, it may end up hundreds of miles from where it would have without that slight adjustment.  – Susan David

I can guide you to increase your Type skills by adding depth AND breadth to your existing Type workshops for more immediate client value, impact and practical application.

I have spent years developing Type training for teams and leaders that make a difference so have done the hard work for you.

Our Offerings help you to:

(1) Introduce the MBTI Assessment using Jung’s Psychological Types

Learn to weave Jungian principles into introductory MBTI sessions, using subtle language changes and nuanced facilitation techniques. Help your clients come away from MBTI workshops understanding the true nature of Type – how they think, how they get their psychological energy, and the shifts they need to make to change behavior and understand different perspectives.

(2) Incorporate Type Dynamics into Advanced MBTI Application Workshops

Apply Type to help teams enhance communication and decision-making, mitigate interpersonal conflict, and manage stress, using the Psychological Type Framework. Take your clients beyond the 4-letter Type to dig deeper into team issues in a way that is impactful and memorable by learning to use and apply our Eight Function Image Metaphor suite of Type Products. Our practitioner products enable you to incorporate Myers’ Type Dynamics and Jung’s Eight Functios into Type workshops without the complexity of Jungian theory. Teams and individual team members gain an understanding of their Dominant Function – their Dominant perspective – and Type Heirarchy to provide them with a real opportunity to engage in profound growth and development.

(3) Link Type to other Assessments and Models

Sometimes, Type can be  ‘one-and-done’ fun exercise without participants gaining the benefit of what it has to offer.  Learn to use  Type as a foundational tool, while linking it to other organizational models such as Emotional Intelligence, communication models, and team assessments to provide your clients with a multi-dimensional look at human behavior and change.

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Contact us to book a Train-the-Trainer program for the MBTI Certified Practitioners in your Training and Development department. If you are a sole practitioner or independent consultant, we can help you take your MBTI skills to the next level.

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