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We know how hard it can be to create a Type program that strikes a balance between simplicity and depth.

As MBTI Master Practitioners, we have spent years developing Type workshops for teams and leaders that make a difference. So, we have done the hard work for you!

We can guide you increase your Type skills in order to create Type workshops that provide immediate value and impact for your clients.

We help you make Type simple, without sacrificing depth, through the use of our cornerstone products, the Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™ designed to help clients quickly and efficiently identify and start working with Type Dynamics and their Dominant Function without complicated explanations.

Our train-the-trainer programs can be delivered through one-on-one  coaching, publicly offered programs and webinars, and on-site workshops for your MBTI practitioners.  

Our offerings help you to:

(1) Introduce the MBTI Assessment using Jung’s Psychological Types

We provide practitioners and coaches with an understanding of the conceptual and practical aspects of Jungian Psychological Type. We teach you how to weave the concepts into introductory MBTI sessions, using subtle language changes and nuanced facilitation techniques. Your clients will come away from MBTI workshops understanding the true nature of Type – how they think, how they get their psychological energy, and the shifts they need to make to change behavior and understand different perspectives.

(2) Incorporate Type Dynamics into Advanced MBTI Application Workshops

Issues that plague teams such as poor communication, interpersonal conflict, ineffective change management, slow or incomplete decision making, and stress, can all be addressed using the Psychological Type Framework. Applying Type to help teams resolve these problems is most effective when clients understand the framework of the Eight Functions and Type Dynamics. We teach you how to take clients beyond approaching team issues to a deeper level – to tap the why behind behavior using Jung’s Eight Functions.

(3) Adapt and use products that help clients quickly understand Jung’s Eight Functions of Type

We created our suite of Type Products to address a training gap in MBTI programs. Our Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor products help practitioners incorporate Myers’ Type Dynamics and Jung’s Dominant Functions into Introductory feedback sessions from the start, without adding additional time or complex concepts. By providing each individual client with a set of Type Cards, people walk away with a clear understanding of their Dominant Function. The cards provide a map and real opportunity for clients to engage in growth and development, without having to study the complexity of the Jungian Functions.

(4) Link Type to other Assessments and Models

Psychological Type is but one aspect of what makes us human – it explains our energy for how we engage in the world, which leads to ingrained behavioral patterns. We know that our Type plays different roles when it comes to our ability to structure conversations, our emotional makeup, our behavior, and our core values. We help you look at the assessments and models that you are currently using, such as the DiSC®, Big Five Personality Test, Emotional Intelligence assessments and Values measures and link those assessments to Psychological Type.

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Contact us to book a Train-the-Trainer program for the MBTI Certified Practitioners in your Training and Development department. If you are a sole practitioner or independent consultant, we can help you take your MBTI skills to the next level.

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