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“As an executive coach and therapist, I have used the Myers-Briggs Assessment for over 30 years. Cindy is and has been my Master trainer to help me dive deep into this assessment. With her help I can better coach my clients to lead from their personality strengths and to communicate more effectively with others. Cindy is insightful, articulate and an engaging, knowledgeable presenter/trainer. I recommend her highly to organizations and teams who want to improve performance and team functioning and to coaches who want to grow in their application of type.

Additionally, I have used The People Skills Group’s Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards with both individuals and whole teams. Using the cards helped my clients more clearly verify their whole type as well as their Dominant Function. The descriptions and pictures brought alive the concepts so they could readily apply the type information in their day-to-day functioning. I recommend them highly!”

Marjorie R. Johnson
LCSW, PCC, C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach

Practitioner testimonials

“What makes Cindy’s Image Metaphor cards exceptional is the combination of her amazing and sound content with a fully road-tested process for helping people go deeper with type. With the Image Metaphor cards, you get the benefit of Cindy’s expert knowledge and superb facilitation skills and your participants get an energizing, engaging experience that awakens greater self-awareness and promotes a long-lasting commitment to using type for growth and development.”

Dr. Katherine Hirsh, MBTI Master Practitioner and Author

“The People Skill Groups Image Metaphor Cards are lifting my MBTI workshops to a whole new level. Since I started to use the tools, word of mouth leads to more and more work-shop assignments. The cards support the group and/or individual to clearly understand their Dominant Function. In every workshop, the cards are not only helping the participants to identify their Dominant Function, but they are telling me how amazing the cards are in helping to them understand themselves. It is exciting when I divide participants into Dominant Function groups – they tell me that they understand both themselves and others much better. Participants love analyzing their Teams through the Image Metaphor Cards because it gives them a neutral tool to explore, discuss and understand their team dynamics. They look at each other and just nod with huge smiles. They say that this enables them to increase the team efficiency and also the Team spirit.

Participants often contact me after workshops and thank me for the best Team workshop they have ever had and they spread the word to others. They consistently confirm that Cindy’s cards are the reason for this success.”

Alma Mathiasson,  MBTI Practitioner and Coach

“Cindy’s cards are excellent tools for facilitating best-fit type conversations. The focus on cognitive processes and the function that leads the personality frequently allows clients to let go of feeling boxed in by being forced to choose between the dichotomies. The cards help clients break through the “should’s, ought’s, and can’s” to focus on what they prefer. And, the bullet points on effective and ineffective use jump-start coaching conversations.”

Jane Kise, Ed.D., Executive Coach, MBTI Master Practitioner and Author

“I don’t know who loves the Image Metaphor Cards more, me or my clients. They are superb in clarifying individual best-fit, invaluable in helping to frame conflict between different types and fabulous for team development and innovation workshops. They allow me to get to the depth of Type Psychology almost effortlessly – and do the heavy lifting through highly-relatable images and succinct definitions. Beautifully designed and packaged with an introductory card, they are an essential in my Type toolkit.”

Deene Morris, MA, ORGL, Leadership Trainer, Facilitator, and Executive Coach

“Identifying and understanding the impact of the dominant function is useful in both the type verification process and practical application of type. I have Cindy’s cards with me at all times so I can provide this key information to a client or a group. The cards are attractive and easy to understand so that even those with limited type knowledge can dive into the conversation.”

Ann C. Holm, MS ACC CCC, Executive Coach and MBTI Master Practitioner

“It gives me a great pleasure to write about Cindy Stengel Paris.  I have more than twenty years’ experience in organizational development, leadership development and the training of adult learners.  It was my good fortune to have had Cindy as my instructor for the MBTI Certification program recently.  The class was successful due to Cindy’s skill in rapport building, creating a safe learning environment for participants to grasp complex concepts, and her ability to provide one-on-one attention to each person.  Cindy displays an uncanny proficiency in translating the depth of her knowledge and consulting experiences in a way that complements the course material.

Cindy is open-minded, intelligent, warm and works very hard for her students.  Classes are structured in a way that meets all the requirements for adult learners…and Cindy makes it fun.  I recommend Cindy with no reservations.”

Anne C. Holden, Manager, Learning & Development North America
Johnson Matthey, Inc

“I met Cindy Paris in 2013; she was the facilitator of my 5-day MBTI certification course, and she has been a valuable resource for my leadership coaching business ever since. The Type coaching that she has provided me over the years has helped me to apply the MBTI framework to building stronger corporate teams, and has made a tremendous impact on my work, our business, and most importantly, our clients.”

Cindy Masingill, Partner, Emergent Consulting

“Cindy, your new tools for working with the MBTI are fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work you put into them! I just gave away another deck of cards today. It really helps people to make sense of the functions!”

Janet Steinwedel President, Executive Coach & Consultant 

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