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The Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™

From: $19.99

As our cornerstone product, the Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™ allow clients to quickly comprehend the Eight Dominant Functions and their associated Gifts (Effective Uses) and Blind Spots (Ineffective Uses). 

By providing each individual client with a set of our Image Cards, complex Type concepts come to life. The products are simple for clients to understand without a complicated explanation of Type Dynamics.  MBTI practitioners can deepen and enrich their existing MBTI programs for more impact.

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Here is how we designed the products to help clients quickly and efficiently grasp the more complex, yet essential, Type concepts:

  • Images with a corresponding metaphor for each Type help people to pinpoint how the Dominant Function operates and what it might feel like to engage the Function
  • Metaphors portray the fluidity of movement and action related to each Dominant Function as it operates in the mind – keeping Type from becoming a static model
  • The Central Question for each of the Dominant Functions highlights the main aim, or focus, of the Function
  • Effective Uses (Gifts) and Ineffective Uses (Blind Spots) on the back of each card helps alert people to the downfalls of becoming too one-sided
  • Parallel construction for Effective Uses and Ineffective Uses show how the Gifts of a Dominant Function can become weaknesses if overused
  • The Major Work Contribution highlights the key strength of the Dominant Function on a team and in the workplace

1 set of Image Metaphor Cards – $19.99
Packet of 5 sets of Image Metaphor Cards – $79.95 ($15.99 per set)
Packet of 10 sets of Image Metaphor Cards – $129.90 ($12.99 per set)

Note: We also offer this item as a PDF download with instant access after purchase.

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Individual – $19.99, Pack of 5 – $79.95, Pack of 10 – $129.90

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