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“The People Skill Groups Image Metaphor Cards are lifting my MBTI workshops to a whole new level. Since I started to use the tools, word of mouth leads to more and more work-shop assignments. The cards support the group and/or individual to clearly understand their Dominant Function. In every workshop, the cards are not only helping the participants to identify their Dominant Function, but they are telling me how amazing the cards are in helping to them understand themselves. It is exciting when I divide participants into Dominant Function groups – they tell me that they understand both themselves and others much better. Participants love analyzing their Teams through the Image Metaphor Cards because it gives them a neutral tool to explore, discuss and understand their team dynamics. They look at each other and just nod with huge smiles. They say that this enables them to increase the team efficiency and also the Team spirit.

Participants often contact me after workshops and thank me for the best Team workshop they have ever had and they spread the word to others. They consistently confirm that Cindy’s cards are the reason for this success.”

Alma Mathiasson
MBTI Practitioner and Coach

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