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“Cindy provided an outstanding workshop to my global team—smart, thought-provoking and really useful. An energizing and provocative presenter, she explained the concept of the Myers-Briggs Type, helped each team member to identify and understand their Type and what each Type means in terms of how we naturally communicate and what we like in communication from others; she then took us beyond this, leading us through exercises that highlighted our natural tendencies in problem solving—how we absorb and act on external information—and where our natural “blind spots” or hurdles may be.

The workshop was fascinating, and my team learned an enormous amount about themselves and each other. One of the great things about Cindy as a presenter is that she makes sure that the material is applicable and helpful—in our case, she tailored the workshop, using specific materials, to our company mission, values, and structure—so that we could put the information to use in a very real way. Cindy’s a true expert in her field and I hope to get her back for Round 3 in the future!”

Elizabeth Sawyer
CEO, Bennett International Education Consultancy

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