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“Thank goodness for Google . . . at least in the sense that a Google Search (“best team-building consultants philly”) led us to Cindy and The People Skills Group! Cindy was a pleasure to work with from our initial inquiry call, through detailed planning calls, through the delivery of two outstanding team-wide workshops for the Division of University Advancement at Rowan University.

Cindy is a highly energetic, fun, honest, knowledgeable, and super-engaging presenter. (She also has an amazing capacity for learning and memorizing names, by the way!) Most of our team members have worked together for years, but I think it’s fair to say that we learned more about each other – how we take in and process information, and communicate that information, and approach problem-solving – in two sessions with Cindy than we could have possibly expected. I have no doubt that all of us would agree that each of us has a much keener, empathetic understanding of where are teammates are “coming from” than we did prior to working with Cindy.

When approaching Myers-Briggs training, Cindy is first and foremost an expert teacher. She emphasizes the Eight Dominant Functions which, at first, was a bit challenging. Cindy is so good at providing real-life examples and coupling those examples with research-based data, that it wasn’t long at all before all of us had a great handle on the concepts we were using, which allowed us to apply them to the many exercises we did. (Cindy also provided us with lots of excellent, readily accessible materials to use during our sessions and also to read and refer to later on.)

One of the things I liked best about Cindy’s overall approach is that in addition to learning a great deal about ourselves individually, we were able to begin to see what all the “pieces of the puzzle” look like and how they fit together when we examine ourselves from the perspectives of individual departments, and our team as a whole. I’m certain that, as a result of partnering with Cindy, we have the tools to become a more harmonious, productive team than we already were. Thank you, Cindy!”

Jesse Shafer
Vice President for Advancement & Executive Director, Rowan University

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