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“As an executive coach and therapist, I have used the Myers-Briggs Assessment for over 30 years. Cindy is and has been my Master trainer to help me dive deep into this assessment. With her help I can better coach my clients to lead from their personality strengths and to communicate more effectively with others. Cindy is insightful, articulate and an engaging, knowledgeable presenter/trainer. I recommend her highly to organizations and teams who want to improve performance and team functioning and to coaches who want to grow in their application of type.

Additionally, I have used The People Skills Group’s Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards with both individuals and whole teams. Using the cards helped my clients more clearly verify their whole type as well as their Dominant Function. The descriptions and pictures brought alive the concepts so they could readily apply the type information in their day-to-day functioning. I recommend them highly!”

Marjorie R. Johnson
LCSW, PCC, C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach

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