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“It was a real privilege to be able to work with Cindy who put an outstanding MBTI program together for myself and my leadership team. Cindy is great at explaining what personality type is and how to apply it in the work environment. I found her to be extremely patient and very honest in the conversations she had with me and my team. Many of the members of my team were skeptical when we started working with Cindy, but the MBTI language soon became part of the fabric of our team culture. Cindy’s ability to appreciate the diversity of my team and to listen carefully for what each of the members required, made all the difference in the world. Through Cindy’s efforts, we transformed my staff into a team who appreciated and valued the diversity of personality types we had around the table. What a difference!

I will be forever indebted to Cindy for the excellent job she did with my team and hope we can soon work together again.”

Michael Lark, PhD

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