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“It was a real privilege to be able to work with Cindy who put an outstanding MBTI program together for myself and my leadership team. Cindy is great at explaining what personality type is and how to apply it in the work environment. I found her to be extremely patient and very honest in the conversations she had with me and my team. Many of the members of my team were skeptical when we started working with Cindy, but the MBTI language soon became part of the fabric of our team culture. Cindy’s ability to appreciate the diversity of my team and to listen carefully for what each of the members required, made all the difference in the world. Through Cindy’s efforts, we transformed my staff into a team who appreciated and valued the diversity of personality types we had around the table. What a difference!

I will be forever indebted to Cindy for the excellent job she did with my team and hope we can soon work together again.”

Michael Lark, PhD

“Cindy provided an outstanding workshop to my global team—smart, thought-provoking and really useful. An energizing and provocative presenter, she explained the concept of the Myers-Briggs Type, helped each team member to identify and understand their Type and what each Type means in terms of how we naturally communicate and what we like in communication from others; she then took us beyond this, leading us through exercises that highlighted our natural tendencies in problem solving—how we absorb and act on external information—and where our natural “blind spots” or hurdles may be.

The workshop was fascinating, and my team learned an enormous amount about themselves and each other. One of the great things about Cindy as a presenter is that she makes sure that the material is applicable and helpful—in our case, she tailored the workshop, using specific materials, to our company mission, values, and structure—so that we could put the information to use in a very real way. Cindy’s a true expert in her field and I hope to get her back for Round 3 in the future!”

Elizabeth Sawyer
CEO, Bennett International Education Consultancy

“Thank goodness for Google . . . at least in the sense that a Google Search (“best team-building consultants philly”) led us to Cindy and The People Skills Group! Cindy was a pleasure to work with from our initial inquiry call, through detailed planning calls, through the delivery of two outstanding team-wide workshops for the Division of University Advancement at Rowan University.

Cindy is a highly energetic, fun, honest, knowledgeable, and super-engaging presenter. (She also has an amazing capacity for learning and memorizing names, by the way!) Most of our team members have worked together for years, but I think it’s fair to say that we learned more about each other – how we take in and process information, and communicate that information, and approach problem-solving – in two sessions with Cindy than we could have possibly expected. I have no doubt that all of us would agree that each of us has a much keener, empathetic understanding of where are teammates are “coming from” than we did prior to working with Cindy.

When approaching Myers-Briggs training, Cindy is first and foremost an expert teacher. She emphasizes the Eight Dominant Functions which, at first, was a bit challenging. Cindy is so good at providing real-life examples and coupling those examples with research-based data, that it wasn’t long at all before all of us had a great handle on the concepts we were using, which allowed us to apply them to the many exercises we did. (Cindy also provided us with lots of excellent, readily accessible materials to use during our sessions and also to read and refer to later on.)

One of the things I liked best about Cindy’s overall approach is that in addition to learning a great deal about ourselves individually, we were able to begin to see what all the “pieces of the puzzle” look like and how they fit together when we examine ourselves from the perspectives of individual departments, and our team as a whole. I’m certain that, as a result of partnering with Cindy, we have the tools to become a more harmonious, productive team than we already were. Thank you, Cindy!”

Jesse Shafer
Vice President for Advancement & Executive Director, Rowan University

“Cindy’s cards are excellent tools for facilitating best-fit type conversations. The focus on cognitive processes and the function that leads the personality frequently allows clients to let go of feeling boxed in by being forced to choose between the dichotomies. The cards help clients break through the “should’s, ought’s, and can’s” to focus on what they prefer. And, the bullet points on effective and ineffective use jump-start coaching conversations.”

Jane Kise, Ed.D.
Executive Coach, MBTI Master Practitioner and Author

“The People Skill Groups Image Metaphor Cards are lifting my MBTI workshops to a whole new level. Since I started to use the tools, word of mouth leads to more and more work-shop assignments. The cards support the group and/or individual to clearly understand their Dominant Function. In every workshop, the cards are not only helping the participants to identify their Dominant Function, but they are telling me how amazing the cards are in helping to them understand themselves. It is exciting when I divide participants into Dominant Function groups – they tell me that they understand both themselves and others much better. Participants love analyzing their Teams through the Image Metaphor Cards because it gives them a neutral tool to explore, discuss and understand their team dynamics. They look at each other and just nod with huge smiles. They say that this enables them to increase the team efficiency and also the Team spirit.

Participants often contact me after workshops and thank me for the best Team workshop they have ever had and they spread the word to others. They consistently confirm that Cindy’s cards are the reason for this success.”

Alma Mathiasson
MBTI Practitioner and Coach

“What makes Cindy’s Image Metaphor cards exceptional is the combination of her amazing and sound content with a fully road-tested process for helping people go deeper with type. With the Image Metaphor cards, you get the benefit of Cindy’s expert knowledge and superb facilitation skills and your participants get an energizing, engaging experience that awakens greater self-awareness and promotes a long-lasting commitment to using type for growth and development.”

Dr. Katherine Hirsh
MBTI Master Practitioner and Author

“As an executive coach and therapist, I have used the Myers-Briggs Assessment for over 30 years. Cindy is and has been my Master trainer to help me dive deep into this assessment. With her help I can better coach my clients to lead from their personality strengths and to communicate more effectively with others. Cindy is insightful, articulate and an engaging, knowledgeable presenter/trainer. I recommend her highly to organizations and teams who want to improve performance and team functioning and to coaches who want to grow in their application of type.

Additionally, I have used The People Skills Group’s Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards with both individuals and whole teams. Using the cards helped my clients more clearly verify their whole type as well as their Dominant Function. The descriptions and pictures brought alive the concepts so they could readily apply the type information in their day-to-day functioning. I recommend them highly!”

Marjorie R. Johnson
LCSW, PCC, C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach

“It gives me a great pleasure to write about Cindy Stengel Paris.  I have more than twenty years’ experience in organizational development, leadership development and the training of adult learners.  It was my good fortune to have had Cindy as my instructor for the MBTI Certification program recently.  The class was successful due to Cindy’s skill in rapport building, creating a safe learning environment for participants to grasp complex concepts, and her ability to provide one-on-one attention to each person.  Cindy displays an uncanny proficiency in translating the depth of her knowledge and consulting experiences in a way that complements the course material.

Cindy is open-minded, intelligent, warm and works very hard for her students.  Classes are structured in a way that meets all the requirements for adult learners…and Cindy makes it fun.  I recommend Cindy with no reservations.”

Anne C. Holden, Manager Learning & Development North America
Johnson Matthey, Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Cindy with multiple groups and in different capacities (facilitator, coach, MBTI resource). She is a true partner and a phenomenal facilitator. She reads the room expertly and, using a blend of humility, humor and deep technical knowledge, creates a customized and highly engaging workshop. Her ‘between workshop’ guidance and interaction is concise and practical. She provides really useful tools, which make it easy to keep new learning front of mind. It is such a pleasure to work with her; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the People Skills Group and will certainly consider Cindy for future development programs.”

Sarah Foster, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

A Testimonial from Katharine D. Myers, Director Emeritus of the Myers and Briggs Foundation

“Cindy Stengel Paris is one of a select few MBTI® practitioners of her generation that has sound knowledge and a deep understanding of what the MBTI® is all about. She is an excellent trainer and facilitator, and as such, has the ability to transfer her knowledge to others so it is helpful to them. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Cindy is creative and professional, even perfectionist, with her presentations, workbooks and material that she gives her clients. She has the ability to translate complex concepts into simple language and make the material useful; she leads her clients to achieving the results they are looking for.”

Katharine D. Myers, Co-Guardian of the MBTI
February 17, 2009

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