Isabel Briggs Myers“Together, perception and Judgment which make up a large portion of people’s total mental activity, govern much of their outer behavior, because perception – by definition – determines what people see in a situation, and their judgment determines what they decide to do about it. Thus, it is reasonable that basic differences in perception and judgment should result in corresponding differences in behavior.”

People Types & Tiger Stripes“Perception and judgment are basic in the human condition. Our troubles come from faulty perceptions and poor judgments, and our progress comes from clear perceptions and sound judgments.”

Hard Wired Leadership“Leadership is a psychological process – and to get to the heart of leadership, we must understand the habits of mind that make up our interpretation of our day-to-day experiences and influence our choices.”

Carl Jung“We naturally tend to understand everything in terms of our own type.”

Was That Really Me?“In ignoring the dynamic interactions critical to the Jung-Myers theory, both laypeople and professionals miss out on the theory’s greatest contribution to the explanation of healthy personality.”