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What We Do

People Skill Group - What We DoAbout Our Practice

You know your business, and we know people. We can help you to become a healthier organization so that you can maximize your effectiveness by tapping the best that your people – your individuals, teams and leaders –  have to give. We help you to identify how people in your organization may be blocking themselves from being effective and productive and work with you to customize and implement solutions for positive change.

We offer consulting and training and development solutions for operational units in large companies, and Executive and Leadership Teams and staff in small to mid-sized companies, professional organizations and nonprofit organizations. Our services are offered through workshops, off-site retreats, in person group training and coaching, webinars, and individual coaching.

There are two main components to our consulting practice:

Team and Leadership Development 

We help drive and improve team and organizational culture by identifying and tapping into hidden potential, unblocking energy, and opening up the possibilities for you, your teams and your leaders to work better together, with less effort, to meet organizational goals. We help you realize results through customized workshops for teams and leaders calling on tools and methodologies and our unique proprietary Type products that are appropriate for the context.

Myers-Briggs® Consulting and Training 

We provide MBTI® Workshops for our clients and Type Practitioner training for MBTI practitioners and consultants. We have a distinctive and unique approach to Type which calls on our proprietary training and educational aides. Our unique way of giving Type adds depth and practicality in simple ways, so clients can immediately understand what their Type means and how to apply it in the workplace.

Regardless of  which consulting services you are looking for, we begin all of our engagements by initiating a process to enhance self-awareness working from the inside-out. We use well known, time tested and researched assessments and models, and our own proprietary products, to facilitate insight that encourages people to broaden their perspectives; to see how they are effective, where they may be ineffective, and how they may need to improve.