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Social science and neurological research suggest that emotional connection among colleagues fuels motivation and collaboration. Ongoing positive acknowledgment, and showing appreciation for those that work for your organization, is a key element for team building, and building workplace connection.

As a leader, you can show that appreciation to your employees by investing in fun and activity-packed professional development workshops that build foundational people skills for fueling connection, while at the same time, providing bonding experiences that build interpersonal trust.

We deliver presentations and workshops on topics related to developing the people skills that your leaders, managers, employees or members, need or might want to strengthen your organization.

From Executive Retreats to Staff Conferences, Virtual Workshops or group lunch meetings – whether you have a couple of hours, or several days – we can scope out the learning experience that builds morale and rapport.

Our repertoire of topics runs the gamut of soft skills from our tool box, to important workplace topics such as:

  • Developing Effective Listening Skills
  • Enhancing Workplace Communication
  • Inclusive Team and Group Problem Solving
  • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback
  • Managing Conversations for Understanding and Collaboration
  • Handing Stress and Conflict for Productive Outcomes
  • Building Team Trust and Psychological Safety

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