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…the circuitry for thinking analytically, such as thinking about the future or about concepts, switches off the circuitry for thinking about others. Leaders who spend too much time analyzing and strategizing may find it difficult to activate their rarely used social circuits.   David Rock

Our individual coaching process assists clients to develop the people skills that it takes to successfully navigate the organizational environment. From the C-Suite to individual contributors, we facilitate a coaching process for professional growth and development from a holistic and dynamic personality perspective.

Our professional development process involves self-discovery that enables our clients to examine and develop their natural strengths and blind spots from cognitive, energetic, emotional and behavioral perspectives. We help our clients to distinguish between the core of who they really are, and the skills and behaviors they have adapted and developed from personal experience.

Based on multiple data points, and input from others if appropriate, we set into motion a process that encourages professional growth and development  through integrative goal setting – taking into account the current organizational and team climate, interpersonal relationships and the client’s current situation.

Our Process:

1.  Enhance Self-Awareness through Assessment

Using self-report questionnaires including Psychological Type and Emotional Intelligence assessments, as well as communication models and lenses, clients discover key cognitive, emotional and behavioral touch-points to begin the coaching conversation. The assessment process provides a neutral framework and common understanding, allowing clients to accept and more easily integrate feedback. Clients become familiar with, and gain an understanding of, the why behind behavior and how their behavior may be perceived by others, or be hindering their workplace effectiveness.

2.  Create a Development Plan

After reviewing, synthesizing and integrating information from various lenses and assessments, clients evaluate opportunities for change and create a development plan that follows the natural path of who they are within the context of their particular workplace situations. Clients select several areas where focused development will have the most impact on achieving current and/or future goals.

3.  Implement the Development Plan

We support clients in identifying specific tasks, activities and resources that mayhelp them reach their goals. Together, we create on-the-job assignments and activities and/or set up different experiences to try out and solidify new skill sets. We identify possible barriers that clients may face while trying to implement new skills on the job, and find ways to overcome them.

4. Review Progress and Adjust the Plan

We partner with clients to monitor progress and provide continued opportunities for development, adjusting the development plan and implementation strategies throughout the  coaching engagement.

Individual Development

Professional development coaching provides employees at all levels of the organization with an opportunity to identify and maximize their natural strengths and create tactics and strategies to minimize blind spots, propelling professional development forward.

We work one-on-one through a combination of phone, virtual, or in-person meetings, with the opportunity for skill development between sessions. We work together to carve out action steps for reaching development goals that match the context and the client’s current situation. We help clients integrate insight and then begin to apply that insight in small steps for success.

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