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The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Albert Einstein

Are you curious about your Type and what the real Myers-Briggs might reveal? Or perhaps you have heard about Emotional Intelligence and are interested in finding out about what it might mean for you? Maybe you want to learn about and improve your communication skills?

Whether you are looking for simple feedback from an individual assessment, or a longer term coaching engagement, we can help you learn more about yourself – what might be holding you back from reaching your potential and achieving the success you are looking for. Our individual feedback sessions take you through a self-discovery process that increases self-awareness, pinpoints strengths and overcome limiting thoughts and behaviors.

If its in-depth, one-one coaching you are looking for, we can help you meet your professional goals by setting into motion a process that encourages growth and development, tailored to you. Based on multiple data points and researched and proven assessments and self-discovery models, we guide you to take the data from these and other assessments into account to help you carve a development path that makes sense for your situation.

Individual Development

Individual coaching or assessment feedback can provide you with an opportunity to identify and maximize your natural strengths and create tactics and strategies to minimize blind spots, propelling your professional development forward and helping you to create healthy and satisfying relationships.

We work with you one-on-one through a combination of Zoom and phone sessions, providing you with concrete skill-building exercises between sessions. We’ll guide you to carve out action steps for reaching your goals, and help you to gain valuable self-knowledge along the way.

We help clients to integrate insight and apply that insight, in small steps, for success.

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