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Leadership Development

Leadership DevelopmentWhat is Your Leadership Style?

Do you know your leadership strengths and where you seem to be falling short? Are you realistic about how you are perceived by your team and your direct reports – or do you even know how others see you? How does your style influence the culture of your team or organization?

Maybe your leadership style worked well at an earlier time in your career but it doesn’t seem to be working for you in your current position.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the latest research in the field of leadership development suggests that your interpersonal leadership style and your ability to self-manage may be more important to yours and your organization’s success than your functional expertise. In general, as leaders move up the organizational ladder, they can no longer afford to be specialists; developing good people skills becomes a core competency – an important piece of influencing, motivating and building a strong organizational culture.

Most leaders we work with have had enough experience to know their development needs but they find it too difficult to change or to work on interpersonal issues in their fast paced environment. Some leaders just don’t know where to start.This is where we come in – we can provide you with the tools and insight to manage and balance your strengths while developing your weaker areas.

Engaging in Leadership Development

Our expertise is in providing you with the right tools and an objective perspective to help you develop a Leadership Development Plan that is both attainable and relevant to your work environment. Our first step in working with you is to gain an understanding of your organizational and team culture. Together, we look at your leadership style and how it may be impacting the environment, and then, we help you pinpoint the issues that are pertinent for your development within your environment.

To obtain a full picture of your unique situation, we provide you with the guidance and tools you need to objectively look at your behavior and find the gaps.  We help you look at your leadership style, your natural personality strengths and blind spots, how you manage your emotional makeup, and your interpersonal relationship and motivational needs. We help you to sift through and balance all of this data so that you can create a path forward for yourself that is as unique as your leadership situation.

We help you craft a Leadership Development plan that addresses the depth of who you are, within the context of what you do, and then provide you with the resources and feedback to get you there.

Leadership Development Training

High performing leadership teams are no different that operational teams in that both require the functional and interpersonal to work seamlessly together. In fact it is crucial for leadership teams to have both components of teamwork in place in order to model the way for the rest of the organization. Yet, more often than not, we quite often see the Executives, partners of leaders at the top working independently rather than collaboratively or cross-functionally.

To help leadership teams become more cohesive, we customize and create leadership workshops and off-sites to teach leadership teams to embrace the interpersonal relationship and mentoring skills to become outward facing examples of true collaboration. Quite often, Leadership teams benefit from working more closely together to create an atmosphere of transparency and trust that can filter down to the rest of the organization.

 The Benefits of Developing Your Leaders

Our leadership workshops and individual coaching processes help leaders to:

  • Identify their own leadership style and its impact on team dynamics
  • Balance and manage opposing perspectives as they lead
  • Understand their teams’ dynamics and how to flex within the team structure for greater impact
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness within the context of team development
  • Pinpoint and resolve style roadblocks to leading diverse types
  • Work more effectively cross-functionally to reach goals and model the way for the organization
  • Recognize personal assets and challenges with regard to key leadership competencies, and how to address them
  • Challenge limiting leadership view points and belief systems to expand your leadership choices
  • Develop more resilience and adaptability to better meet any situation as it arises

Our Leadership Development Tools

We help you to see how you are perceived within the context of  your team by gathering data so you begin your development process with targeted goals. We help you to see yourself from a myriad of objective lenses; we use a suite of tools to help leaders move forward by first and foremost, providing tools to raise self-awareness.

Selecting from these assessments together with our customized 360 tools, we help you select and implement those that make sense for you; we help you develop strategies for putting practical actions into play for development. We can help you create your own personalized leadership development plan that propels you forward in a thoughtful way, and in a way that is consistent with your nature.

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