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Introduction to the Myers-Briggs® and Psychological Type

Are you looking for a way for the people in your organization to get to know one another better? Maybe you want your team or group to understand and appreciate differences?  Perhaps you want your team or group to just get away from the office for a day to learn more about themselves.

Our Introductory MBTI workshop might be for you. Our training approach is to introduce you to the world of personality by making complex concepts simple: we help you focus in on the core of your personality and what your Type really means.  We have a unique approach to facilitating Type that has evolved through years of experience and giving thousands of workshops – we know how to help you make Type stick.

To introduce you to Type, we guide everyone in the group or team to select his or her 4-letter Type through a highly interactive experiential way. We then move to helping you understand the core motivation of your Type – the information behind your Type Code – through our Image Metaphor Cards. In our workshop, you verify and select what Type you think fits you best – or your your Best-Fit Type. You then select the Card that fits your Type to see your gifts and blinds and your main workplace contributions. Our card sets are not only fun and colorful in-class tools that bring Type to life, they are takeaways so that you can implement Type after the workshop without having to refer to text books or notebooks.

We help you to understand your type so that you don’t forget your type, what it means, and how you can use it to enrich your work life. We help you to validate you, with all of your gifts, and we show you how to shift your energy to address your blind spots.

And most of all, we help you to understand yourself and your teammates better so you can work  better together.

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive from an Introductory Type workshop:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and clarity around how you think 0- the origin of your behavior
  • Insight into how people think differently and the importance of different perspectives
  • How you are energized and what drains you
  • An appreciation for, and acceptance of, differences in others
  • A common, neutral, non-judgmental language for talking about differences
  • An understanding of your core strengths and blind spots, and contributions to the workplace

Advanced MBTI Application Workshops

Have your groups or teams gone through an MBTI workshop before but you have never used the information?  Are you wondering how to put that knowledge you gained to use?  We know that most organizations introduce type but they don’t put it to work.

Understanding your type should not stop after the introductory session. Type is a robust tool that can help address and resolve real workplace issues. Our psychological type colors how we see the world; the theory has both breadth (it can be applied to many workplace issues) and depth (it provides a path for growth and development).

This is why we can help you apply type to any area where there may be different perspectives that block collaborative work.  We build on our Introductory Workshop by customizing application programs to address your needs in the following areas: