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Team Development

Team Development

Develop Healthy Teams for Effective Collaboration

Great Team work is a process which develops over time. Whether you begin with a half-day or full-day Team Building workshop, or contract with us to work through tough team dynamics, it takes time to create a high performing team. Picking the right people for a team is a start, but high performance requires team members to devote consistent and conscious effort to two distinct areas of teaming –  Work Processes and Interpersonal Dynamics.

We have found most teams spend the majority of their time and attention on the functional / work process side of the equation. Yet research has shown that the key ingredient of successful teaming is characterized by a team climate of psychological safety – a culture of trust that supports team members to feel completely comfortable to be themselves – to voice opinions and contribute thoughts, ideas and feedback without fear of negative consequences to job or reputation.

Psychological safety is desired by most team members, but it is difficult to achieve. Teams are made up of individuals who have different talents, perspectives, and work styles, which if not mutually understood, lead to misunderstanding, poor communication, lack of trust and a slowdown in work place productivity impacting the bottom line.

Working together with you and your team, we can guide you to transform your team culture to be one of highly fluid interpersonal dynamics – which drives results.

Our Process:

We work with clients to identify the main issues blocking team work through meetings and team questionnaires. We partner with key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive team development program that addresses your current team situation in the context of larger organizational goals. Armed with our time tested and researched tools, methodologies and insights, your team members will be empowered to start ”rowing in the same direction’ to meet goals and with more satisfaction.

Your team will realize healthy interpersonal dynamics, including:

  • Trust and respect for differences
  • Agreed upon behavioral norms
  • Healthy debate and airing of differences
  • Open and honest communication
  • Collaborative brainstorming for co-creating solutions
  • Effective problem solving and decision making

With healthy interpersonal dynamics and a team culture of trust, we can help you drive forward with more effective work processes including:

  • Clear team roles and responsibilities
  • Team alignment around mission, strategy and tasks
  • Well defined and agreed upon team values
  • Accountability for behavior and results
  • Productive meeting management
  • Effective project management