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Are you putting your Training and Development programs on hold because of COVID-19 and the resulting turmoil and uncertainty in your organization?

Virtual training by The People Skills GroupIn this climate, Team and Leadership training may seem discretionary, but  remote team members need additional support to feel like they are still integral and important members of the team. In a remote environment, it takes extra time and effort to include employees in normal everyday conversations that facilitate workplace bonding.

An on-line training program that addresses the real stressors and challenges of the day may be just the thing that motivates engagement.

Assessment tools and models we use to help you gain more self-awareness and self-management can be even more helpful during challenging times and our training and development workshops are now available via our Zoom platform.

We have also added virtual workshops specifically tailored to help you work through remote communication challenges and gain the needed skills to work through this crisis.

Here are just some of our new offerings:

Managing Stress in Turbulent Times – Navigating New Territory with Emotional Intelligence

We are living in unprecedented times; stress abounds and it will continue to plague us even as we venture into our new world after the quarantines lift. Each of us has different personal situations; they run the gamut from self-isolation to managing work/life balance with families in concentrated spaces. Our stress is triggered by those and other external situations like navigating the grocery store and learning new ways of working. And then, there are the invisible internal stressors that lurk within our unconscious minds that lead us to engage in negative thoughts that go hand-in-hand with an uncertain future.

This virtual workshop is designed to help you get in touch with unconscious stressors, name them, and put into place a few strategies to help you self-manage more effectively during this time.

Participants in this webinar will explore:

  • What happens to us when we are stressed
  • How to name and identify key emotional stressors
  • Key Emotional Intelligence skills related to managing stress
  • A model for keeping stressors in perspective

Working Remotely with Different Types through the Lens of Interaction Styles™

Virtual trainingAs a simple, easy-to-grasp, four -quadrant model, Interaction Styles, developed by Dr. Linda Berens, takes the DiSC® assessment and the Social Styles model to the next level of understanding. Interaction Styles helps people to understand the kinds of energy they have when communicating with others. Our energy patterns influence how we sound in communication, and the processes that we tap into when communicating. The four different Interaction Styles present their own strengths and challenges and have their own particular potential pitfalls when working remotely.

In this workshop, participants will be led through a series of exercises to validate their own Interaction Style and then have an opportunity to explore with others their own behavioral patterns while working in remote environments, to facilitate mutual understanding and acceptance.

Participants will:

  • Learn four different patterns for establishing relationships and managing communication
  • Identify their own Interaction Style and their style for remote working
  • Understand their opportunities for growth in remote teaming and communication
  • Learn how to support others when working remotely

Engaging Your Superpowers to Facilitate Remote Team Collaboration

According to the theory of Psychological Type, there are eight Mental Functions that we access to navigate the world around us, and the world inside of us. We all access each of these dynamic mental processes, but with differing levels of comfort and ease. Yet, we each have one Function that dominates our cognitive perspective – our Dominant Function. Our habitual use of that dominant perspective can lead us to develop skill in certain areas of Team Development that becomes our Team Superpower in times of stress.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the Eight Dominant Mental Functions
  • Identify their own Dominant Function
  • Explore their Superpower with teammates
  • Tap into tactics to take advantage of what teammates have to offer while working remotely

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