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I work with Certified Type Practitioners, and Teams Leaders, and Individuals who want to deepen their Type knowledge and take their skills to the next level. I help my clients move beyond Myers’ 4-letter Type Code to tap the depth and richness that Jungian Psychological Type offers in a way that yields lasting and sustainable results.

Certified Type Practitioners

My clients are Independent Consultants, HR Consulting Groups, and in-house HR teams that use Psychological Type assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® with teams and leaders in the Learning and Development space, practitioners who love Type and want to create memorable and impactful training experiences for their clients.

With over two decades of experience as an Independent Consultant teaching MBTI Certification Programs, and facilitating Type with leadership teams –  for organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies and across industries – I understand firsthand the frustrations that can make using Type difficult.

External challenges, including the mischaracterization of Type in the popular press and imitation Type tests on the Internet, turn clients off from using Type from the start. Designing workshops that capture the depth and richness of type can be a struggle, especially with shrinking time frames for training and unrealistic client expectations. Thus, many individuals taking the MBTI or a similar Type Instrument struggle to remember their Type and find it challenging to apply.

To address these and other challenges of using a Type instrument in this corporate climate, I have developed practical tools and techniques that empower Type Practitioners to overcome these challenges and make Type more applicable and valuable.

Teams, Leaders, and Individuals

I facilitate Type workshops and coach Team Leaders, team members, and individual contributors who want to invest in Type and are excited to learn more about Type to make a real difference in their work and personal lives by going deeper into their Type journey.

Knowing our 4-Letter Type Code is just the beginning of the Type story. Jung’s theory of Psychological Type gives us a map or compass for growth and development. This map for development helps us go deeper into ourselves and with our teams. When we look our own Type Code, or the Types on our Teams, we can see what functions may reside in our conscious mind – our strengths – and the functions that may be unconscious but within our reach to access and develop. In this way, Type provices a directional path for individual and team development.

I help my clients to navigate the Type map and and exercise the mental muscles to strengthen the use and integrate the unconscious functions.Together, we decide how to customize engagements to match the context of the current team and leadership situations. I help my clients to gain the benefits from engaging the deep work that uncovers hidden strengths to create positive and lasting results.




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