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Why Choose The People Skills Group?

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We think our depth and level of knowledge, the professionalism and humor we bring to our engagements, together with our ability to help you make a difference, are all viable reasons to talk to us to see if we are a fit for your company.  Here are some things to think about when looking for  corporate training or coaching in your organization.

1.  We are leaders in the field of psychological type

Our Founder and CEO is an MBTI Master Practitioner and is well known as a thought leader in the application of the MBTI® and psychological type. We are: (1) current with what is happening in the industry, (2) trainers of MBTI practitioners, and (3) well connected with the founding experts in the field. Our practice is built on the foundation of psychological type but we connect the MBTI to Other Tools such as Emotional Intelligence, to give people a well-rounded look at themselves. And we introduce Type to our clients using our new and innovative products that have developed based on years of experience with what works and what doesn’t to help make Type understandable and applicable.

2.  We have had years of success with helping clients

Our clients have had great experiences with us and are willing to talk to you about our methodology, approach and the results they have seen. We are proud of what our clients have accomplished from working with us. We have learned from experience about what works and what doesn’t, and we bring our experience to you.

3.  We look at all the potential and possibilities for change

It is our view that the potential and possibilities for people in your organization are endless, and no situation is impossible to tackle when it comes to human workplace performance. With you, we look at and brainstorm all the possibilities for development and help you hone in on those things you want to change, as well as identifying those things that might not need to change.

4.  We work from your vision of your company’s future

You know your business and we know people. We work with you to make sure we put together a plan that meets your vision for your company or organization. We will provide you with alternative options from our experience, but we know that ultimately, we are there to support you in the direction you want to take your organization. We work with all of your people in the context of that vision.

5.  We make sure we understand your goals and help you plan to reach them

Measuring return on investment can be difficult when it comes to the development of ‘people skills’ in the workplace. That is why we help you scope out the changes you are looking for before we start our work together; we can help you tie your goals to the impact they might have on your business if they are met. We do this through providing you with questionnaires before training, and then administering them again after substantial work has taken place to see if there have been changes. In addition, we can help you identify the behavioral changes that you might see, and then help you to determine if you can observe the results.

6.  We customize our training and coaching processes to meet your needs

Our foundational model is Jung’s model of Psychological Type which has been popularized by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). However, we never implement the theory in the same way; we know each individual, team and leader may need to take a different path and each client has unique issues and needs. We take the time to listen to and understand your particular issues, and carve out a process that we customize for you. While our operating principles remain constant, our implementation of tools and applications looks different for each of our clients.

7.  We know and model what it takes to build a team

Professional development on any level isn’t easy; we know that in order to move forward, team members need to develop trust which requires learning to be vulnerable. We model trust when working with you. When you hire The People Skills Group, we work together with you, as a team, to meet your goals; that requires us to listen to your feedback and engage in our own professional development.

8.  We understand and follow professional ethics

Ethical standards were created to keep people emotionally safe when using psychological instruments and models. We have seen the negative consequences that result when practitioners disregard ethical standards, especially when it comes to the MBTI®. The difference between an instrument or theory being used effectively or being disregarded as irrelevant has more to do with the practitioner than with the instrument or theory itself. For this reason, we ground ourselves in professional ethics no matter which tool we are using.